5 Ways candles improve your life

We all love candles! They can set the mood, offer relaxation, or just brighten up a dark place! But in case you were looking for more reasons to justify having more candles in your life... we have five more!


1. Better Air

Our candles are made with 100% soy, which doesn't flood the air with harmful toxins! Rather, it fills the air with soy, which fills your body with an increased sense of calm.


2. Candlelight is the best light 

Candlelight is a soft light which touches the soul. It also gives everything it touches a soft and beautiful glow.


3. Express yourself!

The candles you choose help to say something about you. Whether you choose a light fruity scent, like our mango berry, or a more woodsy scent, like homme; the scented candle you choose to light expresses a part of you and makes the space your own!


4. Restfulness

Those who suffer from sleeping problems can try lighting a candle before going to bed. The scented candle can help relax them and help them sleep easier. Just make sure to extinguish the candle before sleeping!


5. Mood Booster

Did you know that our sense of smell is connected to memory? Certain scents can remind us of certain memories, and thus alter our moods. Scents can take up places like, the forest, berry picking, or the spa! Find the right scent for you that sends you straight to your happy place!